ps4 xbox switch

The NPD Group’s report for game hardware and software sales in January 2018 is in and the Nintendo Switch has emerged as the top-selling console in the United States for that month. In terms of revenue though, it was Sony’s PlayStation 4 that emerged as the clear winner among the three.

Interestingly, the firm noted that all three platforms did well with the revenue difference between the top-seller and the third best platform being only 3 percent. Hardware sales hit $278 million for the month, showcasing an increase of 119 percent and the highest since January 2011 which hit $323 million.

Video game sales for the month were $517 million, up 51 percent year-on-year and the highest since January 2011 (which was $549 million). Total video game spending was $1.1 billion, a massive 59 percent increase compared to last year. Overall, it was a good month for video games as Monster Hunter World topped sales across all formats as well the dedicated Xbox One and PS4 charts.