Little help can build a beautiful life. That’s what we can see from the story of Bella’s like. She was working as a waitress. Her purpose was to admit her child to a prestigious school where his friends were getting admitted. Bella was rising her son alone as her husband passed away. She wanted to send her son to a prestigious institution to study as all other friends of her son are going there as well. She didn’t want him to leave out and feel unlucky just because his father was no more.

That’s the reason for working so hard. She was struggling so hard but still was very satisfy and happy. She always did her job earnestly. Even though she was suffering so much and working so hard to gather all the money, she still kept smiling and was really friendly towards all. Customers liked her because of her gentle behavior. Her pain never once showed up on her face.

Her owner was aware of her conditions and struggles. He felt like he needed to support her as she was such an earnest employee and contributed so much to his shop. Keeping good intentions in mind, the owner informed the Fox 5 Surprise Squad. Fox 5 Surprise Squad was more than happy to help her out. They wanted to show people how she stood so strong despite so much struggle. They recorded her daily like with a hidden camera where it was shown how she worked so hard in the restaurant, how she took her son to a daycare center, how she managed her house all alone and how she still smiled and kept on working. The video went viral and then what happened was that Bella started getting huge tips. At first, she was happy getting tips but she was very surprised when it increased to even $1000. She was so touched that she cried. “I can’t explain how grateful I am” – Bella said while crying. It is a beautiful example of how our little contributions can change someone’s life.

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