Xenoblade Chronicles 2 was a remarkable RPG, if a little flawed, that provided a very fitting end to Nintendo’s fantastic debut year for the Switch last year. But one thing that elevated it from being just a very good game to being a truly great one was the spectacular OST- the music in the game was so voluminous, and so consistently fantastic, that it defied expectation.

Now, that music will be available for players to enjoy outside of the game itself, thanks to the OST for the game releasing at last- Nintendo will be releasing the Xenoblade 2 OST in two packages, Type A, which comes with a Premium box and a 120p premium booklet, a piano score sheet for the game’s title theme, a message card, and a USB stick shaped like a core crystal containing all the music, and Type B, which is the same as Type A, but the music is on discs instead. The cost will be a staggering ¥19,440, which is almost $200!

Personally, it’s worth it- the music in the game was truly spectacular. I can only hope that Nintendo will bring the OST over to the west officially- for now, it is limited to Japan, where it releases on May 23.